About Me

My name is Jennifer Berk, and I’m an analytics and data leader with a marketing and product mindset – I’m interested in using data to benefit both customers and colleagues. I live in Manchester NH outside Boston. I’m currently learning Python (especially data visualization tools), commenting on Roger Ford’s law paper drafts, writing the 2017 MIT Mystery Hunt, and looking for my next job.

My background was originally in development, but I enjoy working with human systems as well as computer ones so have moved away from coding toward user experience, online marketing, analytics, and managing teams. Whatever my job title, my goal is to use technology to improve communication, both between members of my team and between organizations and their customers.

I’m an alum of MIT (math/computer science, minor in economics) and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business¬†(MBA focused on analytics and marketing). Most recently I was VP Data Analytics at Chicago/Nashville-based startup edo Interactive, managing our European analytics team in London. My team analyzed billions of credit/debit card transactions along with internal customer activity data (and advocated for improvements to data quality and availability) to help build our relationships with advertisers, card issuers, and our partner Visa Europe. During business school I interned at Orbitz in their Marketing Strategy, Planning and Analysis team, and before going back to school, I worked for Amplify Public Affairs in Washington DC and Purple Monkey Studios in Chicago. More about me is available in my LinkedIn profile.

You can reach me at jcberk@gmail.com.

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