About Me

My name is Jennifer Berk, and I’m an Analytics Director at Chicago/Nashville-based startup edo Interactive. We put coupons on your credit card, working with major financial institutions and national advertisers to provide value to consumers. My team uses (and advocates for improvements to) our data to help build relationships with advertisers.

I’m an alum of MIT (math/computer science, minor in economics) and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (MBA focused on analytics and marketing). I’ve worked for Purple Monkey Studios in Chicago and Amplify Public Affairs in Washington, DC. My background was originally in development, but I enjoy working with human systems as well as computer ones so have moved away from coding toward user experience and online marketing and now into analytics and management. Whatever my job title, my goal is to use technology to improve communication, both between members of my team and between companies and their customers. More about me is available in my LinkedIn profile or on Google.

At the moment I’m focusing on data-driven marketing and specifically on internet advertising. People hate ads that are irrelevant to them, and targeted, pinpoint marketing (using behavioral and profile information) offers the chance to make ads useful instead. Of course, along with the ability to target precisely goes a potential significant reduction in privacy. What can we do now, and how specific is too specific? How much do we really know about a person’s wants based on their past behavior? What is legal, and what should be? Career advice talks about the passive job market; how do you figure out what audiences would be interested in something and reach passive markets in general?

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