The New News – Real-time and Overwhelming

What happens now when there’s breaking news? This happens:

World Cup - USA (and England) Gooooooal!

World Cup - USA (and England) Gooooooal!

I’ve gotten my news mostly in real time since 1997, thanks to MIT’s zephyr instant message system, and one of the wonderful things about Twitter is expanding that to more people and more kinds of news. Now I get overwhelming celebration (as above) as well as overwhelming mourning, and if there’s news I would care about and I’m watching the stream, I’ll almost certainly see it.

I’ve started reading newspapers and blogs even more for analysis, not just what happened but what it means, since what happened is pretty easy to fit into 140 characters but why is not. And now I think many newspaper articles are too short. I suspect this is one reason Newsweek’s makeover failed and the magazine is being sold off.

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