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I'm an analytics and data leader with a marketing and product mindset. I like online newspapers, science fiction and fantasy, and ugly fish.

Snowflake SQL query resources for analysts used to Redshift

I’ve spent the last seven years using Amazon Redshift, and during that time Snowflake became the standard modern data warehouse. (I did a survey of relevant companies’ data stacks when we evaluated Looker, and Snowflake was the overwhelming favorite warehouse.) … Continue reading

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Why my alumni giving goes to Howard University, a school I never went to

I made my alumni giving contributions today – to my high school, college, and MBA program, and also to the Howard University Gift a Senior campaign. Financial need is the #1 barrier to receiving a #HowardU degree. Help our seniors finish … Continue reading

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Minimum Viable Project Management

Minimum Viable Project Management from Jennifer Berk

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Tours of duty vs old-school promotions: everything old is new again

Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh spoke a while ago on NPR’s OnPoint about their HBR article with Reid Hoffman, Tours of Duty: The New Employer/Employee Compact. People calling in seemed to have two main concerns: either they didn’t want the tour-of-duty … Continue reading

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We think our phones are private, while law enforcement gets our data

Two individually interesting studies released this week combine to demonstrate how mismatched our privacy expectations and our data uses are. From the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology‘s Berkeley Consumer Privacy Survey, we learn that most Americans think their mobile … Continue reading

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Introduction to SQL

Presented to the Chicago Booth technology club in spring 2012. Back-dating this post now I’ve finally uploaded the presentation in 2014…. Introduction to SQL (for Chicago Booth MBA technology club) from Jennifer Berk

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Millennial recession poetry

Every so often you start reading generational sociology (I’m one of the very-tail-end-of-Gen-X people) and find a poem instead. the Greek ideal of “thumos”, which is the lust not for money or success (in the conventional sense) but the lust … Continue reading

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How to Learn About the Financial Crisis

Considering I went to business school to focus on marketing, this is a weird term. I’m taking Investments (the first finance course), Central Banking (an advanced macroeconomics course, taught by the former head of the German central bank, Axel Weber), … Continue reading

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Why Squid?

Because cephalopods are amazing.

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Selling Attention – the New York Times paywall, Lincoln, Chuck, Subway, and the Washington Post redesign

This week I’m actively selling attention. Others have sold it for me in the past, every time I read an article with an (ignored) ad next to it, but now the purchasers are making their requests explicit and obvious. And … Continue reading

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