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I'm an analytics and data leader with a marketing and product mindset. I like online newspapers, science fiction and fantasy, and ugly fish.

How Amazon’s ebook prices are poisoning their ratings

Amazon has a dilemma. They tried and failed to keep Kindle ebook prices fixed at $9.99, while publishers insisted on having flexibility to charge more. Now complaints about ebook pricing threaten to break their user ratings, one of the features … Continue reading

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Kicking off your crowdsourced fundraising with dynamite

Ever caused sales of $14,000 $18,000 in a day [ETA as of 10/6 1am: $50,000 in two days] for a product you off-handedly mentioned you were buying? If you’re a fan of good design and of Apple products in particular, … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Amplify Public Affairs, and why I believe in documentation

My goodbye-to-Amplify post is up now – I’m excited to be headed back to school but sad to be leaving great colleagues and projects. In the post I included the video from a more public goodbye, my talk at Debbie … Continue reading

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In Defense of Paul the Octopus, Prognosticator

In cephalopod solidarity, I protest the idea that the German octopus which predicted the results of all their World Cup matches, including their loss to Spain, should be cooked and eaten. I’m not sure why its keepers decided to ask … Continue reading

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The New News – Real-time and Overwhelming

What happens now when there’s breaking news? This happens: I’ve gotten my news mostly in real time since 1997, thanks to MIT’s zephyr instant message system, and one of the wonderful things about Twitter is expanding that to more people … Continue reading

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CSS 201 presentation

CSS 201 View more documents from Jennifer Berk.

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“People who make websites” survey time again

Once again, talk about your web work.

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Newsprint smudges and the nonprofit model

I was stopped on my walk home today by a gentleman who thought I looked like a person who reads newspapers. We had a friendly conversation: Him: Do you get the Washington Post at home? Me: No, I read it … Continue reading

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Why you can’t test-drive a refrigerator anymore

We have car dealerships, because you want to try driving a car before you buy it. We have mattress superstores, so you can lie on the bed before sleeping on it for the next five years. But apparently we’re killing … Continue reading

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Social media confidence is about hiring

So many executives are scared of stepping into social media – they’ll lose control of their company’s image, they need to route all comments through Legal, they’ll see a giant drop in productivity if they stop blocking Facebook on the … Continue reading

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