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I'm an analytics and data leader with a marketing and product mindset. I like online newspapers, science fiction and fantasy, and ugly fish.

The Ten Best Ideas from BlogPotomac

My recap from BlogPotomac is now up on the company blog. The short version: Shel Holtz: I don’t know how you establish a long-term community around a movie. Shireen Mitchell: Watching on TV is different from being there in person, … Continue reading

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Slash versus backslash: does precision matter?

This is a slash: / This is a backslash: \ So it bugs me when people say as “xyz dot com backslash whatever.” I know where it comes from: Windows directories really are separated by backslashes. It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Politics Online Conference writeups

I was lucky enough this year to be able to attend parts of the Politics Online Conference, run by the Institute for Politics, Democracy, and the Internet at George Washington University. It was a great event, with interesting topics/speakers and … Continue reading

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News and not-news

In these days of news organizations slowly and quickly and very quickly falling apart, I’m starting to catalogue types of reporting that really should be done by citizen media instead. Josh Korr at Publishing 2.0 thinks of scrapbook news; I’m … Continue reading

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And what I learned on the Japan/China trip, from Slideshare

What I Learned on My Fall Vacation View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: japan china)

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Japan/China trip photos on Flickr (finally)

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Survey time again

Remember last year? It’s that time again.

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Podcast roundup – broken glasses edition

My glasses have been horribly scratched for at least a year, and I’d finally decided that within the next couple months I’d get myself an eye exam and some new glasses. Then last Tuesday my glasses weren’t just scratched, I … Continue reading

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Review: Personality Not Included

If you write a book called Personality Not Included (Amazon link), you’d better include your own personality in its pages. Rohit Bhargava has definitely succeeded in that – and in writing an entertaining book with some serious advice about how … Continue reading

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Blogger Social profiles – compiled

I’ll be going to Blogger Social in New York in a week, and in preparation I’ve been reading (and helping write) Steve Woodruff’s series of Socialite profiles. Now, for easy downloading, here are: The 48-page full-size PDF (5MB) and the … Continue reading

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