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I'm an analytics and data leader with a marketing and product mindset. I like online newspapers, science fiction and fantasy, and ugly fish.

Don’t just update your website

My company just evolved into Amplify Public Affairs (haven’t yet changed the rest of my site; I’ll get to it). I was involved with parts of setting up the new website, but the name doesn’t just need to change there. … Continue reading

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Long question, short answer Looking nice in every browser is, of course, appreciated.

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How to charge for your social network

Jeremiah Owyang (of Web Strategy by Jeremiah) comments on Twitter: “users dont want to pay fofr social networks. thus the need for monetizations…enter advertisements”. Users don’t want to pay for anything, but that doesn’t mean nothing is ever paid for. … Continue reading

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Dispatch from work

My first post on my company’s blog: User Diaries in Community Software.

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Today’s interesting posts from the feedreader

Bathroom blogging at Diva Marketing – when was the last time you thought about “the importance of bathrooms in the customer experience”? And how often do you judge an organization on its hygiene factors because they haven’t even gotten the … Continue reading

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Coats aren’t miscellaneous, and the future of online store personalization

In Everything is Miscellaneous, David Weinberger’s thesis is that digital objects aren’t stuck with one type of organization. Instead of an item being on one particular shelf in a given store, items can be found by many different characteristics. Last … Continue reading

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Pay-what-you-want and a 4% conversion rate

There are advantages to being famous. Not many bands can challenge the whole worldview of the music industry with one act. Radiohead is releasing their new album in a rather unusual way: as a digital download for which fans can … Continue reading

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AEAChicago2007 – “Dealing With the Both of You” by Jim Coudal

Back to main AEAChicago2007 post located a mile and a half directly east of here colocated with 37Signals create names and identities, ad campaigns, short files, tv commercials, package design for their own businesses and for others many people have … Continue reading

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AEAChicago2007 – “Selling Design” by Jeffrey Zeldman

Back to main AEAChicago2007 post This presentation was otherwise known as “how fast can you type?” was in advertising for 15 years before got into the web (musician, filmmaker, etc.) got into the web so he could work in his … Continue reading

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AEAChicago2007 – “The State of CSS in an IE7 World” by Eric Meyer

Back to main AEAChicago2007 post the 800 pound gorilla is awake again! (King Kong pic) IE was dead, rolled into the operating system, but now it’s back “if it steps on me, I’m going to be a small raspberry stain.” … Continue reading

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