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Failing to quarantine viral video

BBDO Netherlands, working for Chrysler, recently created a viral video ad for the new Dodge Nitro SUV. The ad showed the car electrocuting a dog. Chrysler was not pleased. (And they’ve had problems with BBDO Detroit’s ads before.) Chrysler apologized … Continue reading

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iTunes Next Big Thing: variable pricing

Well, Apple’s iTunes has finally given in to variable pricing pressure – a little bit. iTunes’s new “Next Big Thing” section lists albums for $5.99 and $6.99, instead of the normal $9.99. While it’s not the per-song variability the record … Continue reading

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Creative optimizers and Yahoo SmartAds

Following up on the concerns about how to use Yahoo SmartAds, the answer is probably to use a souped-up creative optimizer, ideally hooked into the ad serving system itself. That way you can analyze your results and then show your … Continue reading

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Types of online video ads

Via Nick Wright’s Vir(tu)al Marketing and Media, online video and its inserted ads are getting more and more press. Google launched an AdSense for video pilot at the end of May. Google Video has had ads since the beginning of … Continue reading

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Ad as biopic

Just finished watching the (fabulous) Wimbledon final between Federer and Nadal. Aside from the amazing tennis (the one sport I turn on the TV to watch), I was fascinated by a great Nike ad, in a format I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Quiet structure for reading online

Via Leisa Reichart’s disambiguity, Andy Rutledge has a discussion of “quiet structure” on the new CNN site design, contrasted with the busyness of the new USA Today design. He mentions simplicity (in header and structural elements) and consistency (in element … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s SmartAds launch – do we know how to use them?

Separate from all the hoopla this week about the iPhone, advertising has also made a leap forward. Yahoo has announced a system called SmartAds for on-the-fly composition of display ads – meaning a firm could set up an ad for … Continue reading

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