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Via Nick Wright’s Vir(tu)al Marketing and Media, online video and its inserted ads are getting more and more press.

Google launched an AdSense for video pilot at the end of May. Google Video has had ads since the beginning of the year, so presumably the insertion technology is coming from that program. Their setup allows the video creator to choose when in the clip the ad runs.

But picking the timing of an interstitial ad is only one possibility for advertising in online video content. Collected from several recent articles, here are some of the options:

Pre-roll or blipverts, before a clip starts
Midroll or interstitial, sometime in the middle of the clip
Post-roll or endcap, after the end of the clip
Bug or superimposed logo, not clickable
Bug or superimposed logo, when clicked pauses video and opens link in a new window
Bug or superimposed logo, when clicked opens additional ad content within the video frame
Ticker, generally across the bottom of the screen, like cable news channels
Link from items’ images in the video content to where you can purchase them
Sponsorship information inserted into the content
Show an advertiser’s video every certain number of other videos

What options did I miss?

The articles:
Make Way for Must Stream TV, Business 2.0, 3/1/2007
Will Video Ads Evolve?, Forbes.com, 2/23/2007
Video Ads: Every Startup Has a Different Solution, TechCrunch, 7/6/2007
The Revolution of Video Advertising, Entrepreneur.com, 5/30/2007

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