AEAChicago2007 – “Design Your Way Out of a Paper Bag” by Jason Santa Maria

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start with discovery: research, interviews, what company does and
	message they want to convey
do discovery in a place where you feel creative - colors, books,
	stuffed animals
he keeps morgue files - printed matter that inspires him
he keeps sketchbook - capture ideas and go back and find them and
	be reinspired
sheet music title pages often have cool typography
also digital morgue files - stamps, ads, photos, matchbooks, colors - tag
invited to Comhaltas, preservation of Irish music/dance/etc, in Dublin
invited to music sessions - feeling of community, playing together 10
	minutes after meeting
looked at traditional knotwork for inspiration
told them to avoid dancing leprechauns
had music available to bring online
used knotwork, colors from those knotwork patterns, emotional
	connection, modern feel
ended up with Comhaltas site
A List Apart site - crossover between content and design
took inspiration from old books' typography
why is designing for yourself or your agency so difficult? hard to
	translate feel
use iterative design
makes what he calls grey-box comps
look very like wireframes but are about layout hierarchy not just
	elements on page
"AIGA stands for the professional association for design"
	(mm, de-acronyming)
figured out flow of editorial then were wrapping different things around it
third comp has design competition images in header
don't want to cross designs but focus on one and develop that
in second round, he focuses on details
does it need an underline there?
what's the relationship between headers and content?
between 2 and 3, the logo got bigger. :)
on article page, cleaned up navigation
widened article column and inlined images instead of thumbnails
Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap
WordPress head is in audience
use brand equity when you redesign
gridwork - i.e. early maps of Philadelphia by William Penn
very different from London....
starts in Illustrator for grey-box comps, then moves to Photoshop
pay attention to focal point
reduce over-contrast
over 400 members of Flickr group called Atrocious Apostrophe's
“ ” ‘ ’
Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst
Thinking with Type, Ellen Lupton
Grid systems in graphic design, Josef Muller Brockmann
Making and Breaking the Grid, Timothy Samara

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