AEAChicago2007 – “Interface Design Juggling” by Dan Cederholm

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International Jugglers Association was in next room to Webvisions 2006
color, typography, iconography, microformats, flexibility
start by keeping one object in the air, then two, then....
special announcement: has a new site, (Wig 2.0)
	color is emotional - becomes a problem when working with clients
	"I hate that green.  It reminds me of my ex-girlfriend's quilt."
	clients say "more wow", like it's a Photoshop option
	interesting idea: choosing colors picked from nature photos -
		B&A article by Luke W.
	can use pixilate function in Photoshop to find major colors in photo
	(picture of Trump, founder of toupeepal....)
	Flickr group "Two colors or less"
	Drawn! illustration blog interview with Art Lozzi
	blend background colors so are harmonious, not competing with
		each other or foreground
	31Three pulls dark blue menu color down into background of main
		part of page
	grain texture in background - add noise filter in Photoshop,
		monochromatic, reduce opacity
	reuse colors from palette (fourish colors) to unify page
	open color picker and reduce/increase saturation
	link color carries weight - on a link-heavy page, that color is important
	don't need many fonts, just need to use them well
	AIGA uses Georgia and Verdana - italics, letter-spacing, etc.
	Georgia responds well to all-uppercase with letter-spacing
	Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style
	"In heads and titles, use the best available ampersand." often want
		the italic version
	<span class="amp">&amp;</span> transforms guidelines from book to web examples
	make sure fonts in graphics also harmonize
	can get on mailing lists for type foundries will send you cool stuff has a great email newsletter - interviews with type
		designers, history, etc
favicons - the most important design element of any site! well,
	important, anyway.
	feeds, bookmarks, Subtraction's footer, same,
	really easy to make or really difficult
	scale down logo if possible, choose fragment of logo, or do
		something totally different
	maybe pick part of brand that isn't the logo
	toupeepal can just shrink logo.  various examples in slides.
	or can use avatar of you (eep), which is apparently popular
	Flickr uses its branding but not its logo
	create in Photoshop, paste into Iconographer
	Delta Tango Bravo has a great collection of favicons
	Smashing Magazine has another
add detail without adding complexity
	dropshadow can just be 2px repeating image across bottom of box
	suggest the box - background fade, round one corner only, gradient
		fade of one corner
	reuse themes, colors, graphics so e.g. backgrounds tie things together
	way to make data available for someone's future application
	takes the guesswork out of how to mark up a particular piece of content
	SimpleBits's contact page has Download vCard link
	SPARQL - can query for only reviews by buddies (XFN)
	Scrugy is a wine review site - scrape wine reviews including from Cork'd
	"accidental API" - Brian Oberkirch
	Drew McLellan presentation, Can your website be your API?
	get greater results by using many microformats together
	content in slides
	turn images off
	style alt text so it doesn't look awful - and isn't black on black
	turn CSS off
	increase font size
has he met Gary - purchases of Cork'd - and is he as crazy as on his
	videos? no and yes (phone).
future plans for toupeepal, will he cater to the bald by choice community?
hope to be acquired by someone like Google. are talking to Trump
	about funding.
how do you design a decent-looking website around a bad existing logo?
try to de-emphasize logo; those are the projects you don't talk much about
with color, find the colors that are OK and focus on them
with emotional reactions to colors, how do you prevent yourself from
	being the shrink?
it's hard. change slightly, etc. important part is whether works for design.
if client doesn't want to go into code view to do microformats, how can
	you convince them?
depending on the CMS, might not have the ability to add markup
put microformats into the templates; snippets for CMSs that support that
interesting to have a microformats zen garden? yes, start building.
there are content types that seem microformattable that don't fit the
	current ones
create a format, use it, get others to use it, join mailing list and process.
resolution designs for? bigger than 800x600 is fine now
why does your octopus have ten legs? it's a decapus.

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