Don’t just update your website

My company just evolved into Amplify Public Affairs (haven’t yet changed the rest of my site; I’ll get to it). I was involved with parts of setting up the new website, but the name doesn’t just need to change there.

I’ve updated LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger Relations (the company blog), and I’m sure I’m still missing other profiles. (I need a list.)

It’s not just about your website anymore, and in my case my website will actually be one of the later things to update: more people will see the change on social networks than on this site. The site will be updated soon because it’s a more permanent (and in some cases more public) record, but it’s not the most important thing to bring current – it wouldn’t be even if it got a lot more traffic. The vital thing to change is the message at points of contact: sites and services where others interact with me.

Google doesn’t yet realize the new Amplify site exists. If all my coworkers link to it from their various profiles, it’ll be much harder to miss. Our influence can be greater because it’s spread across the web.

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I'm an analytics and data leader with a marketing and product mindset. I like online newspapers, science fiction and fantasy, and ugly fish.
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