Blogger Social profiles – compiled

I’ll be going to Blogger Social in New York in a week, and in preparation I’ve been reading (and helping write) Steve Woodruff’s series of Socialite profiles. Now, for easy downloading, here are:

The 48-page full-size PDF (5MB) and the booklet PDF (4.8MB).

The booklet (courtesy of my new software toy CocoaBooklet) can be printed double-sided and stapled in the middle to make a cute little pocketable guide.


About Jennifer Berk

I'm an Analytics Director at edo Interactive in Chicago, IL. I'm an alum of MIT and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I like online newspapers, science fiction and fantasy, and ugly fish.
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4 Responses to Blogger Social profiles – compiled

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  2. Ann Handley says:

    Very handy… thanks, Jennifer! Looking forward to meeting you next week.

  3. Jennifer, Thank you so much for sharing these! I look forward to meeting you soon at Blogger Social.

  4. After looking at Cocoa Booklet, I have passed it on to my Sustainable Aqua Farming group. High marks for saving paper. Thanks!

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