The Ten Best Ideas from BlogPotomac

My recap from BlogPotomac is now up on the company blog.

The short version:

  1. Shel Holtz: I don’t know how you establish a long-term community around a movie.
  2. Shireen Mitchell: Watching on TV is different from being there in person, and social media can fill some (but not all) of the gaps.
  3. Shireen Mitchell: The way Congress responds to advocates who use social media will determine how it’s used.
  4. Scott Monty: Your network is a social media monitoring tool.
  5. Scott Monty: Social media can serve different purposes for different departments and in different regions.
  6. Liz Strauss: As soon as you’re hired, you’re no longer a customer: learn to listen.
  7. Amber Naslund: Using company resources but only building your own brand means both the company and you suffer when you leave.
  8. Scott Monty (yet again): Have a social media succession plan.
  9. Shashi Bellamkonda: Reach out to other internal evangelists.
  10. Doug Meacham: Invite your community to spend downtime with you.

Go read on Advocacy Avenue to find out what they all mean.

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