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Minimum Viable Project Management

Minimum Viable Project Management from Jennifer Berk

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How Amazon’s ebook prices are poisoning their ratings

Amazon has a dilemma. They tried and failed to keep Kindle ebook prices fixed at $9.99, while publishers insisted on having flexibility to charge more. Now complaints about ebook pricing threaten to break their user ratings, one of the features … Continue reading

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AEAChicago2007 – “The Seven Lies of Information Architecture” by Liz Danzico

Back to main AEAChicago2007 post Liz Danzico’s post about her presentation Definitely the most controversial presentation. – with Khoi Vinh edits many people but project with Adobe was first time she’d been edited in a while Adobe’s design center … Continue reading

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AEAChicago2007 – “Search Analytics for Fun and Profit” by Lou Rosenfeld

Back to main AEAChicago2007 post internal search logs are a missing tool Jakob Nielson says 50% of users are search-dominated Zipf curve – long tail distribution – for search results in this case, try to optimize the short head look … Continue reading

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An Event Apart Chicago 2007

Better late than never. Following will be my notes from An Event Apart Chicago 2007, held August 27th and 28th. It was the AEA lineup I was most interested in seeing, and conveniently they came to my city. I’ve since … Continue reading

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Tagging according to personal librarians

LibraryThing is currently hosting a fascinating thread on tagging, “What does tagging do to knowledge (and they’re giving away copies of Everything is Miscellaneous to ten commenters). The site is a place to catalog personal book collections, and they’re also … Continue reading

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Quiet structure for reading online

Via Leisa Reichart’s disambiguity, Andy Rutledge has a discussion of “quiet structure” on the new CNN site design, contrasted with the busyness of the new USA Today design. He mentions simplicity (in header and structural elements) and consistency (in element … Continue reading

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Realtor ad vs “Everything is Miscellaneous”

Just saw a new ad from the National Association of Realtors for that was fascinating in light of my current reading of Everything is Miscellaneous and past reading of Don’t Make Me Think. In the ad, is pictured … Continue reading

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