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Selling Attention – the New York Times paywall, Lincoln, Chuck, Subway, and the Washington Post redesign

This week I’m actively selling attention. Others have sold it for me in the past, every time I read an article with an (ignored) ad next to it, but now the purchasers are making their requests explicit and obvious. And … Continue reading

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How to recruit an MBA intern

During last week’s Chicago Booth “West Quest” (trip to visit potential MBA internship employers in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles), I found I had definite ideas about what the company presentations were forgetting to mention. After hearing from 14 … Continue reading

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How Amazon’s ebook prices are poisoning their ratings

Amazon has a dilemma. They tried and failed to keep Kindle ebook prices fixed at $9.99, while publishers insisted on having flexibility to charge more. Now complaints about ebook pricing threaten to break their user ratings, one of the features … Continue reading

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Kicking off your crowdsourced fundraising with dynamite

Ever caused sales of $14,000 $18,000 in a day [ETA as of 10/6 1am: $50,000 in two days] for a product you off-handedly mentioned you were buying? If you’re a fan of good design and of Apple products in particular, … Continue reading

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Newsprint smudges and the nonprofit model

I was stopped on my walk home today by a gentleman who thought I looked like a person who reads newspapers. We had a friendly conversation: Him: Do you get the Washington Post at home? Me: No, I read it … Continue reading

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Why you can’t test-drive a refrigerator anymore

We have car dealerships, because you want to try driving a car before you buy it. We have mattress superstores, so you can lie on the bed before sleeping on it for the next five years. But apparently we’re killing … Continue reading

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The Ten Best Ideas from BlogPotomac

My recap from BlogPotomac is now up on the company blog. The short version: Shel Holtz: I don’t know how you establish a long-term community around a movie. Shireen Mitchell: Watching on TV is different from being there in person, … Continue reading

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Review: Personality Not Included

If you write a book called Personality Not Included (Amazon link), you’d better include your own personality in its pages. Rohit Bhargava has definitely succeeded in that – and in writing an entertaining book with some serious advice about how … Continue reading

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Blogger Social profiles – compiled

I’ll be going to Blogger Social in New York in a week, and in preparation I’ve been reading (and helping write) Steve Woodruff’s series of Socialite profiles. Now, for easy downloading, here are: The 48-page full-size PDF (5MB) and the … Continue reading

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Dispatch from work

My first post on my company’s blog: User Diaries in Community Software.

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