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Selling Attention – the New York Times paywall, Lincoln, Chuck, Subway, and the Washington Post redesign

This week I’m actively selling attention. Others have sold it for me in the past, every time I read an article with an (ignored) ad next to it, but now the purchasers are making their requests explicit and obvious. And … Continue reading

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Newsprint smudges and the nonprofit model

I was stopped on my walk home today by a gentleman who thought I looked like a person who reads newspapers. We had a friendly conversation: Him: Do you get the Washington Post at home? Me: No, I read it … Continue reading

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Slash versus backslash: does precision matter?

This is a slash: / This is a backslash: \ So it bugs me when people say as “xyz dot com backslash whatever.” I know where it comes from: Windows directories really are separated by backslashes. It’s hard to … Continue reading

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News and not-news

In these days of news organizations slowly and quickly and very quickly falling apart, I’m starting to catalogue types of reporting that really should be done by citizen media instead. Josh Korr at Publishing 2.0 thinks of scrapbook news; I’m … Continue reading

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Pay-what-you-want and a 4% conversion rate

There are advantages to being famous. Not many bands can challenge the whole worldview of the music industry with one act. Radiohead is releasing their new album in a rather unusual way: as a digital download for which fans can … Continue reading

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The year of the ebook, take n

Ebooks seem to be hot again, at least for slightly warm values of hot. I’ve seen more articles mentioning them in the past month than I had for quite a while before that. Most prominently, both the Washington Post and … Continue reading

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