See SlideShare for additional presentations, and I’ll post more recent projects here over time.

“Amazon.fr: Why and How Amazon Made Its First Greenfield Foreign Investment” final paper, 6/2012
  • Analyzed Amazon’s strategic choices in launching and operating Amazon.fr for Managing the Firm in the Global Economy class
  • Used sources in English and French to track decisions and results
Paper (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)
“Introduction to SQL” presentation at Chicago Booth Technology club,
  • Wrote and delivered presentation introducing MBA students to pulling their own data from company databases
Thumbnail of agenda slide
Presentation at SlideShare
DonorsChoose.org Data Mining project, 6/2011
  • Suggested educational donations dataset for team final project for data mining class
  • Analyzed predictors of project funding and made recommendations to teachers, schools, and DonorsChoose
  • Selected for DonorsChoose Hacking Education Showcase (top 25 projects)
Project writeup
“Social Media at Work” and “Twitter for Nonprofits” presentations at multiple events,
  • Wrote and delivered presentations on social media for audiences interested in personal development and applying tools like Twitter to their advocacy work
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Presentation at SlideShare
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Presentation at SlideShare
“Content Cross-Promotion” presentation at PodCamp DC,
  • Wrote and delivered presentation on strategies to link pieces of content from different sites
  • Audience member: “Coming out of PodcampDC, I think that the most creative AND useful presentation award goes to Jennifer Berk….”

Presentation at SlideShare
“The Wedding Dress That Fits You Best” Facebook application,
10/2007 – 3/2008
  • Designed and built quiz application on behalf of Xeno Media for JLM Couture
  • Added social elements to integrate quiz into Facebook site

Application about page (requires login)
World Library Publications,
8/2006 – 9/2007 (unlaunched)
  • Interviewed client personnel to determine business requirements
  • Redesigned site structure
  • Became team expert on WLP’s product types
  • Built XHTML/CSS/JavaScript templates
  • Programmed RedDot RQL scripts to alter metadata and content and to integrate with back-end Epicor system
Current site, new version unlaunched
American Association of Diabetes Educators,
4/2006 – 9/2007
  • Observed focus groups of site users
  • Wrote use cases
  • Redesigned site structure
  • Built XHTML/CSS/JavaScript templates

Live site
Chicago-area college marketing/PR directors group,
  • Wrote and delivered presentation on web trends for higher education
  • Discussed design, usability, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, social media, social networking, virtual worlds, and mobile communications
  • From one organizer: “They both did a great job of presenting new
    information and engaging the audience…. I heard a number of
    comments, too, from others after the meeting who said it was a great
American Academy of Pediatrics,
  • Wrote report on ways to study usability of existing eQIPP courses
Current site, no revisions planned
Home Run Inn 2 Go Yahoo store,
  • Built HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates
  • Set up Yahoo store back end
  • Invented method for using PHP and Yahoo store tags in the same page

Live site
Society of Women Engineers Archives,
  • Built HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates
  • Adapted C# code that pulled content from Stellent CMS
  • Set up XML files for navigation so additional information and profiles could easily be added

Live site

America’s Second Harvest,
  • Built HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates
  • Created OpenCms templates and set up autogeneration of navigation
  • Wrote JSP employment opportunity page and administrative tool
  • Documented process for making affiliate database updates

Live site

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